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Media Entrepreneur

Who's Kevin Jon?

Kevin is a Polish-German VC investor and media entrepreneur. 

He invests in technology companies across Europe & China, mostly focusing on media and creator economy verticals – and has helped 50+ companies penetrate the Chinese market. 

Additionally, he serves as the Managing Director of Deus Media Group, a global social media conglomerate with dozens of channels under management. 

Kevin is a recognized thought leader in the venture community: He has been featured by publications such as Fortune or Spiegel, guest lectures at institutions such as Fudan University and Shanghai University, and has been invited to serve as mentor to tech companies for multiple governments, such as Singapore (Enterprise Singapore programs) or Germany (German Accelerator programs). 

In the past, he worked at top-tier companies in banking, management consulting, venture incubation and as a founder across APAC and Europe. 

When he is not working he is working out: You can find him in the gym or the local Muay Thai/MMA club.

Current Ventures

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