Kevin As
A Coach

Kevin has coached hundreds of startups and ambitious individuals over the past 5 years:

He gained vast experience in both the media/creator economy as well as in China.

As angel investor in multiple creator economy startups and founder of the Deus Media Group with dozens of social media channels under management he understands media, creator economy and their startups in and out.

He also specializes in helping foreign, mostly B2B startups penetrate the Chinese market and has worked with 50+ companies in the past, mostly from MedTech, Smart manufacturing, EdTech and retail industries – connecting them with relevant partners in China.

Lastly, he started multiple coaching services to help young ambitious students and professionals unlock their career potential, coaching them into professions such as management consulting, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, etc.

Coachings are available upon request starting at 390 USD/hour.

Coaching Verticals

(Social) Media acquisitions

Fundraising (Seed, A)

China expansion

(Faceless) YouTube channels

Career coaching

Side-Business Building

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